Locations / Traditional Tales

Locations / Traditional Tales DVD – example contents

  • Full Moon (ET style)
  • African waterhole and sunlit glade (Tortoise who flew)
  • Polar (Boots and the Troll)
  • Farmyard (Giant Turnip)
  • Indian river scene (Lion and the Crane)
  • Forest (Red Riding Hood)
  • Arabian desert (Ali Baba)
  • African village and desert with moving meerkats (Tortoises and pretty daughter)
  • Chinese jungle/river scene (Fox and Tiger)
  • Brazil with view of Christ The Redeemer (How the rabbit lost his tail)
  • Australia Ayers Rock (The Galah and Oalah the Lizard)
  • Green screen moving animals – Kangeroos and Meerkats

72 Movie clips + Miscellaneous images

Format .avi and .mp4

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