Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt DVD – example contents

Present day

  • TV room with TV playing Howard Carter’s discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb
  • British museum – various views of casket, golden mask, chariots, rosetta stone etc.
  • Time portal/Stargate with swirly animation effect

Ancient Egypt

  • Pyramids – variety of outside views with sandstrom
  • Pyramids – variety of inside views
  • Temple room with animated snakes and scorpions
  • Embalming room with mummy
  • Desert camp with camels and campfire
  • Green screen – camels and Time portal/Stargate
  • Boat on the Nile river
  • Desert with moving chariots
  • Simple egyptian house – outside and inside views

1950s Egypt

  • Howard Carter’s archaeological site
  • Tutankhamun’s tomb ante-chamber – various views including faithful recreation of all the artefacts
  • Tutankhamun’s tomb – golden casket


60 Movie clips

Format .avi and .mp4

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