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Ethnic Minority Achievement and English as an additional language

  • Use of ICT to support EAL learners
  • Digital storytelling- using a range of technologies/techniques e.g. blue/green screen, stop-animation, Photostory, Kar2ouche, Crazy Talk etc.
  • Using Clicker to make EAL friendly/bilingual resources
  • Resources and strategies to support teaching and learning for pupils/students with EAL needs
  • Catering for the needs of more advanced learners of EAL
  • Intervention for EAL learners
  • Effective use of assessment and target setting
  • Embedding an intercultural dimension within the curriculum and promoting whole-school approaches to community cohesion


  • Game design and programming using Scratch
  • Podcasting – using audacity to create and edit podcasts
  • Flashmeeting – how to use simple video-conferencing within the curriculum and for extended learning
  • Digital storytelling – using a range of technologies/techniques e.g. blue/green screen, stop-animation, Photostory, Kar2ouche, Crazy Talk etc.
  • An introduction to using Second Life on the teen grid for online collaborative learning

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Educational Materials


100 Ideas for Supporting Learners with EAL – Primary and Secondary Versions. Bloomsbury Publishing – 2018.


100 inspirational, tried-and-tested ideas that can be used straight away by a range of practitioners supporting learners with English as an additional language (EAL).

Ideas include:

  • Setting up a parent conference
  • Making the most of translation tools
  • Effective questioning techniques
  • Word building and morphology
  • Running a ‘Young Interpreter Scheme’

There is an emphasis on using ICT throughout the books, including where to find the best software, resources and websites. There is also a section on whole-school approaches to supporting learners with EAL. These books are an essential source of inspiration for teachers, support staff, senior managers and Ethnic Minority Achievement (EMA) specialists and coordinators.

Primary version review: “This text is a golden resource for trainee and experienced teachers alike who want to ensure the best for their EAL learners. Chris Pim’s revised, primary-specific edition comes with even more great ideas, making it an invaluable contributor to the upskilling of professionals in linguistically diverse classrooms. The teacher-friendly narrative combines research with practice to ensure that schools and classrooms make well-grounded choices for their multilingual pupils.” –  Dr Naomi Flynn, Associate Professor of Primary English Education, University of Reading,

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MESHGuide for supporting learners of English as an additional language


MESH Guides provide teachers and other educators with quick access to summaries of research-based specialist knowledge to support their professional judgement.
Chris Pim worked closely with Sarah Coles, a colleague at Hampshire Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service (EMTAS) and Naomi Flynn (formerly at the University of Winchester), to produce The EAL MESHGuide. It was also constructed with the support of teachers in primary and secondary schools in Hampshire, selected for their existing expertise in teaching EAL learners, who used the guidance for action research in the spring and summer terms of 2015.

About the guide

‘The guide has been written principally to support teachers and learning support assistants working with EAL learners in any educational setting and who are at any stage of fluency in the learning of English. It will also support senior leaders in their strategic response to the EAL learners in their schools. As with all MESH guides it seeks to share knowledge with professionals in order to support the growth of evidence informed practice that works in promoting the best in pupil outcomes. Read the full article…