Teaching Geography

Teaching Geography through the use of ICT

How to use information and communication technologies (ICTs) to support learners of EAL – EAL Academy

Phase: Cross phase – Early Years through Key Stage 4

Audience:  EAL co-ordinators, teachers and TAs/LSAs

Course Aims

This practical 1-day workshop will enable practitioners to use a range of free and low-cost ICTs more effectively to assess, induct and teach pupils/students who are at the early stages of learning English as well as more advanced EAL learners.

Topics will include:

  • Ideas for inducting and orienting new arrivals
  • Digital recording devices to promote speaking and listening
  • TalkingPENs to access and produce audio-enabled bilingual texts and translated materials
  • ICT-based ideas for pre-teaching and recapping language elements
  • Creative techniques for using visuals
  • Talk for writing using talking photo albums
  • Practical examples of using free software and online tools
  • Tablet devices and apps

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Use of iPads and apps

Phase: Cross phase – Early Years through Key Stage 4

Audience: Teachers and TAs/LSAs

This practical 1-day workshop will cover the following:

  • software and hardware considerations
  • connectivity issues and how to manage data
  • teacher tools
  • the most useful free and low-cost apps for developing speaking, listening reading and writing